About Paul Alex Williams Art Print Editions

I started Paul Alex Williams Art Print Editions because I wanted to share some of the images I’ve accumulated in my photographic archive that not only give me particular joy, but that I also think have potential as decorative wall art.

I’m not a photographer, so just presenting them in their original photographic form, albeit with the possibilities of retouching, was not really an option for me. I felt I needed to create art pieces out of them instead.

Using my experience of digital artwork creation, I have developed a method of deconstructing a photographic image (or sometimes more than one) and rebuilding it as vector line artwork. Each piece is a calculated balance of areas of solid colour, and shadow and highlight tones made using line screens.

That doesn’t mean it’s a pre-programmed, create-by-numbers affair—far from it. There’s a lot of thought, planning and experimentation required, and each subject needs a subtly different treatment to make it work.

The result, though, is a range of pieces that are a combination of the mechanical and the painterly. They also have a kind of ‘family resemblance’ to each other—a signature style, if you like.

Over time, I hope to build up a large and eclectic range of pieces. For now, I hope you enjoy what there is, and if you do, remember you can join my mailing list (just enter your email address at the bottom of this page, under Newsletter) for occasional email updates on new art print editions as they become available.

Why are the prints limited edition?

Some time ago, I started attending Affordable Art Fairs, and was switched onto the concept of original art that pretty much anyone could afford to buy, in the form of limited edition prints.

I fell in love with this concept, as it meant that people could easily own beautiful high-quality wall art, that wasn’t mass-produced.

That’s why all the prints available here are limited editions, not open editions. It’s as simple as that.

Each print is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, detailing the name of the piece, artist, and number in the edition.

For your reassurance, I value honesty and my reputation—I would never attempt to sell more prints over and above the set edition number, as that would devalue the whole concept and destroy credibility, trust and loyalty. Once an edition is sold out, it remains sold out!

Paul and signature

Paul Alex Williams